High-End Isolation Valves


Specializing in the repair for high-end coker isolation valves


In addition to general valve and actuator repair, GroQuip offers specialized repair for high-end isolation valves.

Current capabilities allow for the following list of repair and testing services:

  • Delayed Coker Switch Valves
  • Delayed Coker and Ethylene Service Isolation Valves
  • Critical Service Bellowseal Globe Valves
  • HF Acid Service Valves – All Valve Types
  • WKM PowRSeal Gate Valves
  • Critical Service Triple Offset Butterfly Valves
  • Metal Seated Ball Valves
  • Oxygen & Chlorine Degreasing Facilities (Clean-Room)


Let GroQuip act as the turnkey solution provider for all your valve and actuator needs, with a comprehensive approach to procurement, installation, service and ongoing industry compliance.