Offshore Valve / Actuator


Specializing in valve, actuator and offshore Emergency Shutdown Device (ESD) services

Offshore_01aWhile providing the highest standards, GroQuip supports an environmental sensitive approach to valve and actuator servicing, inspection and certification for offshore drilling operations.

Valve and Actuator Servicing

Since 1972 GroQuip customers have relied on our service force observing the highest standards, while providing the most comprehensive, safe approach to offshore wellhead and production valves, pressure relief valve, actuator and, more recently, Emergency Shutdown Device (ESD) servicing. GroQuip highly trained and qualified technicians are fully aware of the latest regulatory compliance and environmental practices.


Available Resources/Services

GroQuip technicians provide comprehensive inspection, certification and services for oil, gas and industrial markets. Contact us today or use our convenient online form to request additional information.

  • DOT OQ Certified Pipeline Technicians
  • Service & Retrofit of any Pipeline or Offshore Actuator or ESD
  • ISNetworld
  • Safe Gulf
  • Veriforce

Let GroQuip act as the turnkey solution provider for all your valve needs, with a comprehensive approach to procurement, installation, service and ongoing industry compliance.