Delayed Coker Switch & Isolation


Delayed Coker unit full service supplier for all valves and actuation

isolationValve_01GroQuip is a fully staffed and qualified supplier ready and prepared to meet all of your valve and actuator needs during planned outages as well and unplanned events.

GroQuip and Farris Engineering have the process knowledge, engineering expertise, software, and hardware solutions to truly be the only total solutions provider for all Delayed Coker related equipment in our industry.

Delayed Coker Switch Valve and Isolation Valve Services

highEndIsolation_01In addition our facilities have the equipment necessary and technician skill set to effectively complete repairs on Delayed Coker switch and isolation valves used the world over.

GroQuip has a long history in repair of Wedgeplug™ valves commonly used for Delayed Coker isolation and also used extensively in light hydrocarbon units in ethylene service.