Supplying the broadest range of services to the pressure processing industry

services_01With mobile and stationary testing centers and an accumulation of hundreds of years of experience for both domestic and international needs, GroQuip offers products and services for all your valve, actuator and tank vent needs. Our services include welding, cleaning, and IOM inspection criteria for all major valve manufacturers.

Service Capabilities

  • Small and large (45′) mobile machining and testing centers to bring our operation to you. “No job is too small or large.”
  • Several hundred years of technician experience at our facilities in Geismar and Sulphur, Louisiana.
  • Domestic or international Services
  • Oil and gas offshore and inland field services for block valves, relief valves, and tank vents
  • Extensive library of IOM’s including inspection criteria from all major valve manufacturers
  • Valve types serviced include: gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly, plug, safety, and safety-relief, pressure/vacuum relief, blanket gas regulators, flame and detonation arrestors, pneumatic/electric/hydraulic actuators, coker valves (switch, wedge-plug, and ball), and much more
  • Certified welding services for structural or pipe
  • Oxygen cleaning services for piping systems or valves and components
  • In-house Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • In-line test of boiler safety valves


Our diagnostic approach to solutions assures the greatest value with all your product procurement and servicing needs. Our service engineers are both bonded and trained in state-of-the-art pressure management procedures and provide rapid turnaround, minimum downtime, with full regulatory compliance.