Process Hazard Analysis (Relief)


FES' centralized pressure relief management software for equipment and systems

pha_01ciPRSM is a unique solution for the design, audit and documentation of both new and existing pressure relief systems. A patented, web-based software solution, iPRSM provides a comprehensive approach to the management of pressure relief systems for safety compliance. iPRSM utilizes the best engineering practices and principles, including:

  • The management and documentation of compliance activities related through operating data
  • The validation of ongoing compliance with standards such as API, ASME, ISO, OSHA as well as internal company standards

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FES: iPRSM Pressure Relief Management

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Comprehensive PHA


For all aspects of pressure safety management, iPRSM harnesses the power of the internet to facilitate corporate wide standardization in complex workflow processes. Using a facility's operating data and engineering diagrams, iPRSM will:

  • Accurately identify overpressure risks in equipment and systems
  • Model potential overpressure risks resulting from engineering or code changes
  • Track and document changes as they are made to the system
  • Maintain compliance with internal and regulatory codes and standards

iPRSM is a globally accessible platform that manages all pressure protection system data. iPRSM facilitates the evaluation of protected systems, systematically identifying problems and providing plant management with the critical tasks needed for over pressure protection compliance. The analysis capability acts as an effective Management of Change system for ongoing compliance. All reports and documentation necessary for regulatory purposes, at any organizational level, can be produced from iPRSM.

iPRSM improves equipment and plant reliability, minimizing down time and production losses related to overpressure events. iPRSM reduces the risks and costs related to non-compliance, a truly evergreen solution. And it provides ongoing cost savings due to efficiencies gained in recording and tracking process data. Using iPRSM's technology ensures a safer plant, protecting people, equipment, communities and the environment.

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