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Assuring the continued supply of crucial pressure components

Our team of experienced application, product, and design engineers work closely with our partners to ensure the right product is provided in the right service. Our tenured QA program and continuous improvement process, guarantees the quality, reliability, and competitiveness you expect. It is more than just providing you with a component; it's about providing you with the resources needed to improve the performance of your plant.

Below is a listing of the component types provided by GroQuip, ensuring minimum downtime, while maximizing return on investment and regulatory compliance.

Available products



GroQuip provides a full selection of leading critical performance pressure relief valves from Farris Engineering, and Pressure/Vacuum relief valves manufactured by Enardo.  More…

Fluid Control


The ATI controls, pumps and station bypasses are designed to automatically close valves and manage bypasses quickly during a leak or break, preventing fires and other losses.  More…



The ATI valve actuators are designed to operate using direct pipeline gas with pressures up to 1500 psi, providing torque outputs to over one million pounds per square inch.  More…

Discs & Panels


Continental Disc's Rupture Discs should be the strongest part of your pressure protection system. Their explosive vent panels provide instantaneous overpressure protection.  More…

Bio-Gas Control


Groth provides Bigs Control valves, assemblies, and burners as part of a multiple digester gas systems, anaerobic digesting systems, or other wastewater treatment processes.  More…

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)


iPRSM software from FES enables centralized management, ensuring that all equipment and systems are appropriate and that all overpressure scenarios are calculated and documented.  More…

Blanket Gas Regulators


Blanket gas regulators from Groth Corporation ensure that a constant gas pressure is maintained in the vapor space of a storage tank, supplying an inert gas to prevent vacuum development.  More…

Gauges & Controls


QTS supplies liquid level gauges, conductivity based remote level indicators and water column gauges. QTS remains one of the industry leaders in liquid level measurement.  More…