Supplying The Broadest Range Of Services

  • Small and large (45') mobile machining and testing centers to bring our operation to you. "No job is too small or large."
  • Several hundred years of technician experience at our facilities in Geismar and Sulphur, Louisiana
  • Domestic or international Services
  • Oil and gas offshore and inland field services for block valves, relief valves, and tank vents
  • Extensive library of IOM's including inspection criteria from all major valve manufacturers
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Isolation Valve OEM Repair

  • Valve and System Design with 50 ton overhead crane capacity
  • On-site and in-house servicing
  • Hydraulic torque and tensioning services
  • Full-service facility for valves and hydraulic actuators
  • Steam, air, gas and liquid testing
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Multiple metal and welding processes

  • Welding Capabilities P1 to P1 Groove & Fillet Welds GMAW/FCAW, GTAW, SMAW
  • P1 Overlays, Corrosion resistant and hard-face GMAW/FCAW, GTAW, SMAW
  • P3 to P3 Groove & Fillet Welds SMAW
  • P4 to P4 Groove & Fillet Welds GTAW, SMAW
  • P4 to P1 Groove & Fillet Welds SMAW
  • P4 Overlays, Corrosion resistant and hard-face SMAW
  • P5A and P5B Overlays, Corrosion resistant and hard-face SMAW, GMAW/FCAW
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Supporting the petrochemical, oil & gas and refining markets since 1972.

GroQuip works closely with companies that maintain critical dependencies on pressure processes. Specializing in the review and analysis of functions involving the mechanics and physics of critical pressure processes, GroQuip cuts through the issues and regulatory jargon with correct responses to your product and service needs, while maintaining the original equipment manufacturer's requirements and addressing recognized and best available engineering practices.

GroQuip has supplied products and service solutions to customers in the southeastern United States and around the globe. We represent some of the most highly recognized and respected products. GroQuip also holds the oldest, most continuously held National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspector's valve repair certifications.

Valve/Actuator Repair

Isolation Valve Service

Providing comprehensive valve/actuator repair and testing

Pipeline Valve/Actuator


Pipeline pressure relief valve, actuator and Emergency Shutdown Device (ESD) services

Offshore Valve/Actuator


Specializing in valve, actuator and offshore Emergency Shutdown Device (ESD) services

Liquid Level Gage/Sight Glass


Specializing in repair of level gages of all types